The Eyes Hearts Hands project is ready to host a groundbreaking seminar on the 13th of October in Rome entitled
‘The challenges of Green Deal transition: climate-neutral cities and flagship EU programs’. 
This event provides a platform for policymakers and stakeholders to exchange ideas and best practices
for sustainable urban development. 

The seminar will focus on the challenges of transitioning to a Green Deal, with a particular emphasis on Climate-Neutral Cities and flagship EU initiatives. Participants will engage in a thorough discussion and develop a fundamental knowledge of the potential and challenges associated with moving toward a climate-neutral urban future.

Central to this seminar is the New European Bauhaus (NEB), a transdisciplinary movement guiding our societies towards sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion. It serves as an accelerator aiming to drive research, inspire positive behaviours, and make an impact on citizens to lead the change towards greener and more inclusive cities.


The Eyes Hearts Hands project thus adopts an innovative methodology that embraces the NEB principles, aiming to bridge the worlds of art, culture, and education with science and technology. Together with the EU missions, they work as a unit to tackle environmental issues, social inequalities, economic, and financial pressures.

Join us in Rome on October 13th – it’s an opportunity to be part of our urban revolution.