The 6th of July from 14-17 CEST in Greater Copenhagen.

Join our guided walking tour in Avedøre with free bus from UIA at Bella Center to our resilient community in Avedøre.

The drive is 15-30 minutes. The event is free, but registration is required, please register below.
Transport is kindly sponsored by EBO Consult A/S.


14.30-15.00 Arrival with bus from UIA (Bella Center) at Hvidovre Gymnasium & HF

/Anders Wolf Andresen, Mayor in Avedøre, municipality of Hvidovre
/Bjarne, Energy Savings Group/Elsebeth Terkelsen, CEO European Green Cities

15.45-16.15 “Store Hus” (Public Housing)
/Rasmus Jessing, director at Copenhagen Pulic Housing Organisation
/Malene F. Schultz, resident chairman in Store Hus

16.30-16.50 Avedøre Library
/Elsebeth Terkelsen, CEO in European Green Cities and member of the secretariat of Avedøre Green City
/Anders Kjærhauge, CEO Zentropa

17.00 Bus returning to UIA at Bella Center