Energy prices are rising – and tips for how to save money and energy are being sought out and tested across Europe. In Avedøre, representatives from Energistyrelsen –, Hvidovre Muncipality, and Avedøre Green City just gathered to discuss the specific challenges and opportunities for residents of rental apartments.

Amongst typical tips, such as to take shorter showers and air out one’s apartment, there were also interesting questions raised by residents in Avedøre Green City about, for example, the extent to which the availability of data and the gamification of residential energy and heat usage is useful for individual renters. It was clear that, at least for some, understanding why certain energy saving measures were recommended was just as important for understanding how to save energy. National and international platforms such as these were put forward:

The event, including refreshments and sustainable childrens activities, was made possible by Avedøre Green City, Hvidovre Muncipality, the EU funded project – W4RES, and – Energistyrelsen.

Photo © Oliver Rudkin