The Heating and Cooling market represents 50% of the total energy consumed in Europe per year. The W4RES project aims on scaling-up the involvement of women in the market deployment and uptake of Renewable Heating and Cooling (RHC) solutions via replicable support measures tested and validated across 8 countries. The basic project concept stems from the recognition that women hold great promise as agents of change, helping us make Europe independent from fossil fuels and progress faster towards our climate and energy targets for 2030.

An important part of W4RES is knowledge sharing. An international webinar programme, facilitated by WECF International in collaboration with W4RES partners builds your capacity to exercise gender-attentive practices in the sustainable energy sector. This includes gaining insight on how to reach out to target groups as well as an introduction to specific tools to include more women in the expansion of the renewable heating and cooling (RHC) sector.

As a part of W4RES we’re working with High5Girls – an organization with the purpose of helping young girls discover their entrepreneurial and technological interests and abilities. Influence and inspiration must start early.

Join How to empower women in the RHC sector, on the 21st of September, 10 am CET.

More information: and registration: How to empower women in the RHC sector