Energifællesskab Avedøre (Energy Community Avedøre) was founded as the first energy community in Denmark in collaboration with European Green Cities. Now the benefits are described in an article brought by the Danish magazine Danske Kommuner. The article is available in Danish here.

The benefits of a citizen-driven energy community are many. Being locally anchored, the energy community benefits both citizens, local enterprises, and the municipality, as these actors can collaborate to optimize the local energy consumption by redistributing surplus energy. Furthermore, the municipality is able to establish sustainable energy sources without following (otherwise inhibiting) demands of forming a company, making the goal of climate neutrality more easily available besides saving on municipal energy costs. Not the least, the energy community provides a common reference for every actor, from which sustainable projects may flourish to enrich the local community.

So far, Energifællesskab Avedøre can take pride in their publicly available charging station system that has provided an economic surplus, and more projects are on the horizon.