The two large social housing organisations, Avedøre South and North are implementing energy renovation projects as part of the Avedøre Green City project. In parallel, Avedøre District Heating is planning the optimisation of their network to low energy standard. Among other things, an ATES solution is being investigated.

Meanwhile, the analytic work concerning the possibilities of balancing energy supply and energy use is progressing as well. The focus in this investigation is on how to implement sustainable energy supply, to optimize use of energy storage in the building construction, to manage ventilation and energy through new smart meters and to empower citizens along the way.

Last but not least, Avedøre Landsby is now being integrated into the project as they are joining a tender for building registration as preparation for an energy certification. Avedøre District Heating is already working in the village. The tender will focus on the possibilities of balancing energy use and energy supply, (also in the Avedøre Village) as a part of the larger “Avedøre Green City” project.

This project is supported by the EU project ELENA.