​It was the citizens’ day on August 19th, when a new charging station in Avedøre Green City was inaugurated. Since the summer holiday, citizens with electric cars have been able to recharge under a solar roof. As one journalist wrote: “now citizens can drive on a ray of sunshine.”

Mayor Helle Adelborg drove to the inauguration of the new charging stations in one of Hvidovre Municipality’s latest electric cars, and she is enthusiastic about the new initiative.

“This is the future, and I see the establishment of this charging station as one of the first flagship projects here in Avedøre Green City. The citizens’ group that initiated the project deserves a big pat on the back for the idea, and I am happy the Municipality of Hvidovre has been able to support the project with funds from our Green Fund,” said a proud mayor and added:

“I hope that we will see more good ideas and initiatives that can inspire others and make it easier for those who live and visit here to make green choices.”

The ball was then picked up by Johnni Andersen, who is part of the citizens’ group that has taken the initiative to get the charging stations established.

“Once we have some money, we will build four new charging stations. And when they make some money, we’ll make four more,” said Johnni Andersen.

We at European Green Cities are happy to have teamed up with committed citizens and the supporters, POCITYFEasyPark GroupSolar Lightning, and Hvidovre Kommune, to help make the project a reality. We will work to encourage the set-up of further charging stations in Avedøre Green City.

The new charging stations can charge four cars at a time, and electric car owners can pay per charge via app or credit card. No subscription required!