XPRESS has researched in how to support Green Public Procurement and the integration of Small and Medium Enterrises – to use the potential for innovation that lies in these companies and are too seldom used by the public authorities due to rules, regulations and habits in the public procurement process.

The results are presented in a number of Stakeholder Cafées in the participating countries. The most recent stakeholder café was held on the island of Samsø – see below.

3rd of June – Stakeholder café on Samsø (physical)

In collaboration with the XPRESS EU project, Samsø Energy Academy invites to a free seminar on Friday 3 June 2022 at 13.00-14.30 at the Academy regarding use of solar cells for waste water treatment and district heating systems.
European Green Cities (EGC) has, in collaboration with Energitjenesten, looked at opportunities to establish solar cells in connection with waste water treatment and district heating systems on Samsø. This has resulted in the decision to establish solar cells for the 2 types of plants. The seminar reviews considerations and the basis for the decisions.

Program can be found here


XPRESS is a project aiming at increasing the usage of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) technologies in cities by facilitating the collaboration between Public Authorities (PAs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), consisting of the following objectives:

1) Creating a web platform that supports interacting between public procurers, innovative SMEs, and end users of green innovations

2) Mapping of the low carbon energy needs of cities and municipalities with the RES technologies developed by innovative SMEs. This includes:

  • improving the application of Green Public Procurements (GPP) to innovative RES technologies
  • increasing the awareness of innovative SMEs on RES technologies via Green Public Procurements, and
  • developing a new methodology to evaluate RES technologies developed by innovative SMEs across their life cycle to estimate the CO2-emissions

XPRESS focuses on selected cities and municipalities within UK, Italy, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Slovakia, Portugal, and Belgium with the goal of extending the analysis and the involvement to wider regions within those countries.

The project demonstrates the positive impact of innovative GPPs on cities, municipalities and SMEs in terms of energy savings, energy efficiency, and lower carbon emissions.

In Denmark, four projects with PV are on their way at Samsø, the Energy Island, as a result of XPRESS.

Read about XPRESS on the project website.


12th May 2022 – Bornholm – stakeholder café (webinar)

Stakeholder café from 08:30-10:00