The heating and cooling market accounts for 50% of the annual total energy consumption for domestic and industrial purposes in Europe. 

Driven by the fact that this energy is, to a high degree, dependent on fossil fuels, the W4RES project tackles the need for increased renewable energy sources (RES) in the heating and cooling market in a gender-responsive scenario. The basic project concept stems from the recognition that women hold great promise as agents of change, helping us progress faster towards our climate and energy targets for 2030.

As part of the W4RES consortium, EGC aims to scale-up the involvement of women in both the market deployment and uptake of renewable heating and cooling (RHC) solutions. This aim is fulfilled through replicable support measures which are tested and validated in eight countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, and Slovakia. It is also fulfilled through national awareness raising campaigns, local hackathons, training workshops, and a W4RES guide aimed at policy makers with actionable recommendations.

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