Lighthouse district

Energy poverty is a rising problem in the EU, as in the rest of the world. The SUPERSHINE project aims to create a way to help the households struggling to pay their energy bills. The SUPERSHINE project establishes three lighthouse districts, characterized by energy efficient buildings and incentives for public and private owners to undertake renovations together with tenants. The project will support innovative bottom-up financial solutions and collaborate with local enterprises by:

  • Making the construction ecosystem fit to deliver sustainable renovation, based on circular solutions, use and reuse of sustainable materials
  • Integration of nature-based solutions while reducing whole life-cycle carbon emissions.
  • Promoting wellbeing and sustainable lifestyles, with respect for aesthetics and architectural quality.

EGC is partnering with both the Danish Association of Social Housing Organizations (BL – Danmarks Almene Boliger) and with the social housing organization FællesBo to create a demo site delivering concrete experiences with energy efficient renovations and models for financing them.

EGC will participate in designing engagement models to empower residents by co-developing and implementing renovations. EGC will help to establish a permanent dialogue at local level among stakeholders to mobilise cross-sectoral partnerships.