The Smart Energy Green Cities project focuses on Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES), which is groundwater storage of renewable energy from summer to winter.

The project has continuously followed up on the large-scale ATES project at Bispebjerg Hospital, which is a successful, well-functioning ATES facility.

As shown in the video (Danish), the focus of the project is to develop overall “Smart Energy” solutions, partly for Avedøre Green City with a focus on Avedøre station town and Avedøre village. For this purpose, new calculation tools have been developed by the company Enopsol, tools also used to initiate a collaboration with Frederiksberg Supply and Frederiksberg Municipality. A similar ATES solution as for Bispebjerg Hospital can be used in the conversion of the Frederiksberg Hospital site into a new urban area – with a simultaneous focus on the integration of solar cells in the area.

Watch the video here