Green Solar Cities (2007 – 2015)

In the CONCERTO project in Valby 200 kWp PV is integrated to match electricity use for ventilation in 600 housing units, and solar thermal collectors are combined with water savings to obtain 30-50% solar for DHW for 333 retrofit housing units and 50% for 70 nearly passive house rooftop apartments (36 kWh/m², year), while 200 new built apartments will get 30-50% solar DHW.

Besides is used an innovative and cost effective biomass gasification CHP plant using wood pellets.

In Salzburg they are also like Copenhagen already a kind of solar city. Their plan is in the Concerto II project to demonstrate how you can expand the use of solar heating to a higher level of the total need for heating and DHW, e.g. from 15% today to up to 45% in the best new apartment building schemes.

This is done by combining with a gasified heat pump. At the same time they use district heating which is at least 50% based on biomass for the rest of the heating supply.

Concerning the Ecobuilding both the projects in Copenhagen and in Salzburg have a large part of the proposed realisation projects which deal with renovation of existing buildings.

In Copenhagen it is up to 50-65%, or 300-400, of the involved 600 housing units which are retrofit based, and in Salzburg it is 30-45%. But in Salzburg they will expand this a lot in the Concerto area in the coming years, so the realised 200-300 renovation housing units will expand to about 1000 during a longer period.

Both places it is the idea to try to develop an ecobuilding certification standard for retrofit based on Concerto aiming at 25% better than normal new built.

Besides this there is 200 new built housing units in Copenhagen and 380 new built housing units in Salzburg. And both places also use of a passive house standard will be demonstrated.

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