Enpire (2008 – 2010)

All over Europe the next years are used for building new areas and –increasingly- refurbishing existing ones. At the early design stages of these processes, lies the opportunity for an energy efficient urban plan with CO2-reduction through a considered combination of RUE and RES. Local authorities have a specific and dominant role in promoting and facilitating the process on energy efficiency in urban planning and can take the lead in a process to reduce CO2-emissions on locations.

ENPIRE will evaluate the state of the art on energy and urban planning in participating countries to gain and share experience on “Energy and Urban Planning” and policy benchmarking. On the basis of local experience in the participating countries recommendations and guidelines will be formulated for the local policy process with respect to energy and urban planning. The guidelines will be applied and evaluated in 7 local case studies in restructuring area’s in the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands.

Case studies are carried out in following cities along with exchange of experiences between the ENPIRE project partners. Here you can read about the 7 local projects being demo projects for ENPIRE.

Demo Projects
Albertslund, Denmark
Avila, Spain
Breda, The Netherlands
Casale, Italy
Dublin, Ireland
Havirov, Czech Republic
Le Grand Charlon