Sustainable energy supply and renovation of housing

In late 2020, Avedøre District Heating received a grant of DKK 9 million from the European Investment Bank’s ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance) programme for concrete energy activities in Avedøre Green City.

The project includes the renovation of the district heating to low temperature district heating in the supply area and the energy renovation of the homes in Avedøre station town South and North. Instead of focusing solely on the energy efficiency of the buildings or the district heating supply, an innovative solution has been chosen to ensure the best interaction. 

The ambition is to improve energy efficiency in Avedøre station town (Avedøre South and North) and Avedøre village by at least 30% in the most cost-effective way with combined energy saving measures and improvements to the district heating system.

One of the major projects is the renovation of pipes and heating installations in Avedøre social housing organisations. In addition, the pipeline network in Avedøre District Heating will be renovated and the district heating network will be extended to Avedøre village in 2021-2023. All of this will be done with implementation of brand new and green heating technologies (solar cells, heat pumps, etc.) so that the heating bill for district heating consumers is kept at the lowest possible level.

Read about ELENA on the project website.

If you want to learn more or visit Avedøre Green City, visit the website (in Danish), or please contact the secretariat.
Erik Christiansen, director and project manager:
Elsebeth Terkelsen, ELENA Secretariat: