Avedøre Green City

Avedøre Green City is a visionary collaboration between citizens, businesses, organisations, and institutions.

Our goal is to create a sustainable city with renewable energy, energy efficient buildings, sustainable mobility, green urban spaces, climate awareness and a sustainable lifestyle. 

Based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we implement several concrete holistic projects in close cooperation with our partners. 

The starting point for Avedøre Green City was the fact that the district heating system and the buildings were facing extensive renovation, and the innovative solution of carrying out the renovation in a single process was chosen. Today, the two projects have become nine – with more to come.

Avedøre Green City has received funding from the EU and the ambition is to develop the area into a beacon project for sustainable building renovation and new green solutions in the EU.

European Green Cities is the secretariat for Avedøre Green City. 

Read about Avedøre Green City on the project website (Danish) .