Project overview:

COMMUNITAS is centered around the Clean Energy for all Europeans package introduced by the European Commission. The Clean Energy for all Europeans recognizes the importance of community energy projects and introduces two key concepts: Renewable Energy Communities and Citizen Energy Communities. Motivated by these regulatory developments and the opportunity to exploit new concepts, COMMUNITAS will promote energy citizenship, enabling citizens to take control of their own path towards sustainability by becoming an active element of the energy markets.

By providing a comprehensive knowledge base, the project offers technical, administrative, and legal information on ECs, streamlining the creation and expansion of this concept. Additionally, COMMUNITAS will develop innovative tools utilizing technologies like IoT, Blockchain, and Cloud Computing. These tools will be integrated into a digital platform called the COMMUNITAS Core Platform, which acts as a centralized hub for citizens to participate in energy markets and communities.


Importance of the Project:

COMMUNITAS aims to promote energy citizenship, empowering citizens to take control of their sustainability journey by actively participating in energy markets. Additionally, the project emphasizes the inclusion of citizens by involving them in Social and Policy Labs, ensuring their feedback, wishes, and needs are considered in the project’s core developments.