Together with Danish Association of Social Housing Organisations (Boligselskabernes Landsforening) and six other partners from Italy, Spain, the UK and Belgium, European Green Cities is very happy to announce that we have been invited as a consortium member in a new EU project, SUPER-i, S=Social Housing and Smart, U=Upgraded assets value and upgraded quality of life, P=Private-Public Partnership, E= Extended Energy Efficiency, R= Renewables triggered by the project, i=Investment.

Finding investors and investment models for energy efficient social housing renovation is a challenge throughout Europe. This is highly worrying in the light of the important goal of reaching the targeted 2030 CO2 reduction.

SUPER-i will investigate new financing possibilities for social housing and employ innovatives (specifically tailored financial instruments and corresponding evaluation methodologies) to promote energy efficiency improvements for social houses.

The project starts in September 2021 and will last for three years.