The Norwegians, all members of Grøn Byggeallianse (the Norwgian Green Building Council), were interested in learning more about circular economy in the building sector. Circular economy is an important focus point in building for tomorrow.

The program for the two days study tour brought brought the Norwegians to visit Lendager Architects and see their bids for “circular buildings” – “Ressourcerækkerne” (the foto above) and “Upcycle Studios”.

Next stop was a visit at “Genbyg” (, where reuse of building elements and materials are extremely well organized. You cannot visit the place withour loosing your heart to an old building element!

The architects at Vandkunsten also works with reuse and have added a new level, the Life Cycle Analyse to their work. We had an introduction to the methods and saw some of the buidling materials, they have developed.

Next day we started in Taastrup by the Danish Technological Institute, Centre for Circular Economy. The Institute work scientifically with developing methods to certify reused materials to make it safe to use them in new buildings and renovations.

Then we went to Roskilde to see Musicon – a city of music, even with a Museum of Rock Music! Next to the museum is “Markers Corner” – a building made by and for the users, which are artists, musicians and also young people with mental problems. The bulding is reuse of Hall7, an old storage.